Pet Allergy Testing & Skin Care For the Kalamazoo Area

Skin diseases in pets can be tough to diagnose and can often be the result of allergic reactions. That’s why Oshtemo Veterinary Hospital provides pet allergy testing services as part of our animal dermatology program. Allergy tests can help discern the cause of a skin disorder, allowing us to find the most effective treatment for your pet family member.

Pet Dermatology

Pet Allergy Testing & Skin Care at Oshtemo Veterinary Hospital

The veterinarians at our clinic have a special interest in caring for skin conditions in pets. Most frequently, dermatological issues can be linked to one of four common causes:

  • Flea bite allergies
  • Atopic allergies to environmental factors such as dust, leaves, and pollens
  • Food allergies
  • Bacterial skin infections

While bacterial infections can often be treated with oral and topical medications, skin disorders that cannot be diagnosed as such are usually caused by an allergy. In these cases, testing is the best way to pinpoint and address the problem.

Pet Allergy Testing

To find the most probable cause of a dermatologic reaction in your pet, Oshtemo Veterinary Hospital uses an allergy serum test from Spectrum Testing Labs. These tests help evaluate the cause of an allergy using serum samples and a high-grade specialty testing lab to achieve results. Once determined, we can advise you on steps you can take to prevent further reactions in your pet family member such as switching foods, choosing hypoallergenic houseplants, or using allergy medications.

Contact the clinic for more information or to make an appointment for our pet skin and allergy testing services.

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