Veterinary Oncology, Cardiology, Microchipping & Eye Care in Kalamazoo MI

The veterinarians of Oshtemo Veterinary Hospital have special interests in some unique areas of animal medicine, and between all of us, our team is able to treat your pet family member in a range of specialized areas. We are committed to providing you and your pet with veterinary services that are dependable and compassionate, while also remaining flexible in our ability to care for all of our patients’ needs.

Versatile, special interest medical treatments for your pet include:

Specialty Veterinary Services at Oshtemo Veterinary Hospital

Pet cancer treatments
Chemotherapy, tumor removals, and the ability to work on a referral basis with a veterinary oncologist within an hour of our location allow us to provide much-needed specialized attention to pet family members fighting cancer.

Veterinary cardiology—Our veterinarians have a special interest in pet heart conditions and offer complete radiology services, electrocardiography, and blood testing to diagnose and treat heart disease in cats and dogs. We also can refer ECG and radiology results to board-certified cardiologists via telemedicine for further analysis and support.

Pet microchipping—A HomeAgain pet identification chip, installed under the skin via a minimally invasive procedure, can help recover a pet family member if he or she should ever get lost or run away from home. The scanable chip, about the size of a grain of rice, contains a unique code linked to a national registry that contains information regarding your pet’s name, home address, and regular veterinarian. Microchipping at Oshtemo Veterinary Hospital includes registration in the cost of service and is highly recommended.

Veterinary eye care—We can perform vision tests along with evaluations for glaucoma in your pet family members. Pets also have ready access to a specialty ophthalmologist for referral.

Pet training & behavioral services—Our veterinarians have taken continuing education classes on dealing with behavioral issues in dogs and cats, and we have a special interest in helping our clients sort out difficult behavioral problems in pet family members. We can provide behavior consultations, modification programs, and medications to find solutions to issues such as separation anxiety, fear, and aggression. These services can be coordinated with further help from Christine Mahaney, a professional trainer, behaviorist, and proprietor of Whatadog Pet Training. We aim to help you develop a positive, enjoyable relationship with your pet that will last a lifetime.

For your convienience, you can download our canine behavioral history form or our feline behavioral history form. Fill it out at home, and bring it with you to your pet’s behavior appointment.

As always, each of our special interest services are provided by trained, experienced veterinarians, dedicated to the well-being of your beloved pet. Please contact us for more information.

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Since 1975 we have entrusted the care of our precious pets to the Oshtemo Veterinary Hospital staff. We know that when we bring our pets there‚ whether it is for a routine check or a health concern‚ that our pets will be treated with respect and the utmost concern for their well-being. The caring‚ gentle and always professional staff treats us as well as they treat our pets . . . and that is very important to us. A sincere thank you to everyone at Oshtemo Veterinary Hospital for providing a great service to our community! ~ Joyce and Ed Shankmanquote

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