Solutions for Relief: Compassionate Veterinary Pain Management for Pets

Pain management solutions need to be comprehensive in order to ensure your pet family member has the best possible experience with us, no matter the type of treatment or nature of pain involved. The veterinarians at Oshtemo Veterinary Hospital put compassion forward with a range of options to alleviate your petís pain in any situation.

Veterinary Pain Management for Pets at Oshtemo Veterinary Hospital

Because protocols are always evolving, we are constantly looking for the best available ways to control pain in our patients. Often combining multiple pain management methods in order to achieve the best possible results, we offer newer as well as more traditional solutions for pain relief.

Comprehensive Pain Relief for Your Pet Family Member

Following safety, dealing with pain is always our first priority during surgery, and we include full pain management in every surgical procedure. A trained anesthetist will oversee your pet during surgery, and we examine all possible control methods to find the best pain solution for your pet. Therapeutic pet laser may be used to reduce pain and speed the healing process. This treatment also has non-surgical applications such as easing tissue inflammation in arthritic pets. More traditional solutions for pain management include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, prescription-strength pain relievers, and nutritional supplements.

In every case, your pet family member will be given a complete program for pain management that is custom-tailored to fit his or her individual needs. Factors such as age, size, medical history, and current health conditions will all influence our decisions as we work to keep your pet comfortable at our clinic and at home.

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Oshtemo Veterinary Hospital can not be matched for its professional and caring staff! For more years than we want to count‚ we have considered you not only our veterinary care providers but also our very good friends. ~ Pete and Ginnyquote

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