Teeth Cleaning & Dental Wellness Care for Cats and Dogs

To help maintain the extended good health of all of your pet family members, we recommend bringing them in for a dental checkup once every year. Oshtemo Veterinary Hospital emphasizes a comprehensive approach to animal wellness, and we offer professional dentistry for your dog or cat as part of a healthy care routine.

Working Together for Your Pet’s Dental Health

Teeth Cleaning & Dental Wellness Care From Oshtemo Veterinary Hospital

Complete pet dental wellness takes a combination of regular visits to the vet and proper care at home. Our veterinarians will be happy to consult with you to develop a simple and beneficial home care routine. Depending on your canine or feline friend’s individual needs, we can recommend special foods, treats, and oral rinses and can even get you started brushing your pet’s teeth at home.

For routine dental maintenance, Oshtemo Veterinary Hospital can provide your pet family members with a range of compassionate dental services that include:

  • Exams to evaluate any oral health issues
  • Thorough cleaning and polishing under anesthesia
  • Extractions of diseased or damaged teeth
  • Referral to a local veterinary dental specialist for advanced treatment

With regular visits to our clinic and a consistent routine, keeping up with your pet’s oral health should be no problem at all. A watchful eye, a little know-how, and access to knowledgeable pet care professionals for help is all you need to keep your pet’s teeth protected and any dental complications prevented in the future.

Please contact our animal care facility to get started by making an appointment for your cat or dog.

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Since 1975 we have entrusted the care of our precious pets to the Oshtemo Veterinary Hospital staff. We know that when we bring our pets there‚ whether it is for a routine check or a health concern‚ that our pets will be treated with respect and the utmost concern for their well-being. The caring‚ gentle and always professional staff treats us as well as they treat our pets . . . and that is very important to us. A sincere thank you to everyone at Oshtemo Veterinary Hospital for providing a great service to our community! ~ Joyce and Ed Shankmanquote

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