Therapeutic Pet Laser Treatment and Veterinary Laser Surgery

At Oshtemo Veterinary Hospital, we know how important it is to make your pet’s experience with our clinic easy and simple. In every case, our veterinarians use the best technology available to minimize pain, maximize effectiveness, and improve your pet’s quality of life with each treatment. Therapeutic and surgical lasers are in use at our facility to provide your pet family member with the best in surgery and veterinary pain management.

Pet Laser Therapy

Pet Laser Therapy and Surgery at Oshtemo Veterinary Hospital

Laser therapy can be a viable option if your pet is dealing with acute or chronic pain. Tendonitis and inflammation associated with arthritic conditions in pets can be greatly minimized with therapeutic laser treatments. Our companion pet laser system uses infrared light to painlessly penetrate your pet’s skin and provide analgesic relief to painful muscle and tissue. This treatment also can significantly speed healing of tissue, making it especially useful if your pet is recovering from surgery.

Veterinary Surgical Laser

Surgical lasers use CO2 laser cutting technology to make incisions during surgery. Laser technology’s surgical advantages are many and include highly precise cutting, along with the added benefit of minimized bleeding that comes with surgical laser, which causes blood to instantly coagulate. Surgical laser may be used in any of our veterinary surgery services and is routinely used during intensive procedures.

Laser equipment enhances our ability to provide your pet family members with treatments to manage pain and ease the impact of surgery. We invite you to call us if you’d like to know more about laser technology and its applications at Oshtemo Veterinary Hospital.

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Oshtemo Veterinary Hospital can not be matched for its professional and caring staff! For more years than we want to count‚ we have considered you not only our veterinary care providers but also our very good friends. ~ Pete and Ginnyquote

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