On-site Animal Diagnostics, X-rays & Pet Blood Work

In-hospital diagnostic options allow us to evaluate your pet’s medical condition using methods that are reliable and fast. We have our own in-house testing laboratory for blood work, as well as digital X-ray services for reliable diagnosis when a pet family member is sick or injured.

Pet Blood Work and Specialized Testing

Veterinary Diagnostics & Pet X-rays for Kalamazoo MI Pets

We have the capability to run a series of blood tests in our lab for internal diagnostics, checking organ function and indicators of disease or internal injury. Specific tests may be supplemented by IDEXX blood machines for blood chemistry panels and CBC (complete blood count) testing. By combining our own lab tests with blood machine read-outs, we are able to paint a comprehensive picture of your pet’s internal health. Levels of proteins, electrolytes, red and white blood cells, and a broad spectrum of other materials in the blood can be analyzed for a complete look at your pet family member’s bodily systems.

Further specialized tests are also possible, and we frequently refer samples to an advanced laboratory for quick, reliable results.

Digital Veterinary X-rays

Pet X-rays at our facility make use of digital imaging technology and are provided by our own experienced veterinarians. The convenience of digital radiographs for veterinarians and pet owners alike makes it a great choice for diagnostic work. Not only are your pet family member’s X-rays produced instantly, but also they can also be archived, transferred, or referred to a specialist for advanced consultation at the touch of a button.

Many useful methods enable us to provide treatment using reliable diagnoses when your cherished pet needs us. Please get in touch if you would like more information.

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Oshtemo Veterinary Hospital can not be matched for its professional and caring staff! For more years than we want to count‚ we have considered you not only our veterinary care providers but also our very good friends. ~ Pete and Ginnyquote

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