Order Your Pet’s Prescriptions & Shop Online for Pet Care Supplies

For your convenience and for the well-being of our patients, Oshtemo Veterinary Hospital maintains a full in-house pharmacy to provide your pet family member with any medications he or she may need while in our care. This means we won’t have to send out for your pet’s necessary medicine, so he or she can always get the complete care needed without having to wait or go elsewhere for a prescription.

Order Your Petís Prescriptions

Pet Pharmacy & Supplies Online at Oshtemo Veterinary Hospital

You may also refill your pet’s prescriptions by contacting us online for pickup at the hospital. This is an easy way to ensure that your furry family members always have what they need to stay in the best of health.

In-Hospital Pet Supply Store

In addition to our in-house pharmacy and online prescription refill services, we also operate an online pet supply store where you can shop for many of your pet’s needs. Leashes, collars, flea and tick preventives and other medications, foods, chews, and toys are all available at the click of the button. Products ordered online will be shipped to your door, giving you the convenient option of shopping from home for any and all necessities.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our pharmacy, store, or ordering process for pet supplies.

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Your love for animals is incredible. Thank you for all the wonderful and loving care you have given my pets.....thank you for your compassion! ~ Tiffanyquote

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