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Becoming a pet owner is a choice that many of us make for all kinds of reasons. Many simply enjoy the close companionship and unconditional kindness afforded by animals, while others adopt pets as a way to add another loving member to a growing family. No matter what your reason may be, it is important to acquaint yourself with responsible ownership practices so you can make the time shared with your pet a rewarding and lasting experience.

Pet Care Resources From Oshtemo Veterinary Hospital

Oshtemo Veterinary Hospital makes this easy. We keep plenty of free pet health resources on hand for our clients, including educational tools from LifeLearn, pet health videos, and recommendations for reputable online resources such as Our veterinarians are also happy to sit down with you to discuss how best to care for your beloved pet.

Pet health information is relatively easy to come by, but isn’t always as reliable as it may seem. Sources can be hard to track, and while there is a wealth of knowledge available out there in countless corners of the Internet and other media, no amount of information can ever replace a real live veterinarian. So while we certainly encourage you to do your own research, we also emphasize the importance of consulting with us before making any radical changes to your pet’s routine.

Start with us by looking through the resources we’ve prepared. With your own research and a little time, you’ll be sure to find the best home care options for your pet family member. And please, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

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